Monochromatic Wood and Water

Monochromatic Wood and Water: with texture, one can distinguish between the wood and water (morning dew) in this photo. I originally went to take the photo because I saw a spider’s den, but then I saw the dew caught on the spider’s web and how it contrasted with the fallen wood, and it intrigued me. Advertisements

Malaga Wall

Thick vines cling to and entwine a wall in the old fortress in Malaga. They create a shady contrast to the searing Malagueña midday heat.

Wall of Segovia

Wall in Segovia: A tiny santuario, or shrine is empty on a cold winter day in Segovia, Spain. The stark simplicity of the shrine is contrasted by the intricate wall and clinging plants.

The Walls of Orval

Wall of Orval: On the southern border of Belgium, the beautiful monastary of Orval is nestled in a small wooded valley. The name itself means “the valley of gold”. The legend goes that a crusader went off to the holy lands for many years, leaving his wife behind. One day while drinking from the valley’s well,…

Life is a Dream

Rule of Thirds: Life is a dream. While driving from Portland to Los Angeles with my brother, I was bored and started trying to see if I could snap a photo of the other side of the highway without any cars getting into the photo. What came out of that was this surreal-looking photo. When…